How Well Do You Know positive adjustment in searching your inner you.

How Well Do You Know Yourself?

Just here wondering of so many questions that I can ask so many of you or even my self. Do you know yourself? There are days that a lot of you do not want to keep going through what it is that you are going thru. Sometimes you think that the world is going no where and you can not think no matter what position you are in. Even though you go through situations that at that moment you think you can’t breath I have to let you know that there is always a way to change the thought and yourself.

I have heard of stories about people saying that when they were young they were ugly in a physical sense and that they did not get to have fun with others due that they did not like the way they look or feel. These are negative thoughts.

Do You Know Yourself?


Most believe that they can’t triumph in anything that they do just because someone had said that they will never be someone. Have you lost your identity or have you neglected yourself? You have failed to recognize and value yourself as your needs. These are true and said in one point. You were criticized or teased and in one point even told that you were stupid, ugly, no good, and even unworthy.

Do You know yourself is always a positive way to know that you are more worth then what you thought.


Have you lost yourself? Questions that will help you know yourself:

1- What am I worried about?

2- What are my values?

3-What do I believe in?

4- Where do I feel safest

5- What are my short term goals?

6- Who are my support people?

7- What activity am I willing to try?

8- What is my happiest memory or moment?

9- Can I really put one step forward and do it?

10- Can I do what I was meant to do?

11- What am I Greatful for?

12- Can I change my past into a positive future?

13- What am I passionate about?

14- Can I prove others wrong by changing the way I think and do things in a positive way for a healthy life for me?


By finding yourself and believing in yourself you can change everything about you and have a happily healthy life.




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