Stress does not need to take over-readyforadifference- making good positive habbits to change the way you think and feel as well taking actions

Stress does not need to take over!



In our everyday life we counteract with stress and life decision making. From work  to daily chores around the house and even to make a list of groceries when you don’t have the money to buy a lot. Our thoughts counteract with others and sometime we even get frustrated, tense up, cry and even scream. Stress does not need to take over.

Just the thought of this makes me tense a little. Even though this can be normal we still can change the situations and even our thinking. A great and valuable way to manage stress is to build positive and workable habits slowly. Positive thinking can come easy to some of us but a lot of us can’t even focus a thought. But one great thing is that we can reprogram our minds as for our thinking and our actions.

We can do some mindful exercise and positive training. Like this you can strengthen your positive habits.

1- Practice thinking positive by remembering a good deed or a great memory.( this will make you focus on the happy and positive side of your thoughts)

2- Search for a positive quality on another person.( remember not everyone is the same and searching for a great quality on another person gives you a boost of confidence).

3- Exercise.( this will help your stress level to come down and boost up your energy and also help you keep your body, emotions, and hormones stable as well as keeping your body in shape if you will).

4- Make a goal list – ( a short term goal list is great so you can focus on getting some stuff done and scratch them from your list).

5- Read a positive book – ( by reading a book there is a lot of your brain activity going on and your brain will focus on that particular story.

6- Meditating or praying out loud – ( by doing this you can clear your mind and work through your problem by saying them out loud).


Stress Does Not Need To Take Over, Be Positive In Everything You Do


By thinking that you can turn a stressful moment into a great positive thought and action is great. Life has its up and downs but the way that we think and handle it, It can and does make a difference. Our thinking makes up on how we feel and what actions to take. Thinking positive and taking a few breath before speaking or doing something can make a change in you and your daily life.


I am Greatful that I still have the chance to Change and strengthen with positive habits.





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